Medical Alert System Over the Years

When it’s time to consider whether an elderly loved one is in need of a medical alert system, it’s important to be aware of all the available features. Compared to a traditional personal emergency response system (PERS), today’s medical alert systems are designed to be more comprehensive approaches to wellness – and, they have smart home technology to match. Here’s what’s changed over the years.

New ways for help to be called.

On a traditional medical alert pendant, pushing the button was the only way for the user to get help to the home. But now, medical alert systems are equipped with technology that intuitively knows if the user has stopped moving for too long, stopped taking medication, or stopped eating. If that happens, an alert to the monitoring center will be triggered. The trained, compassionate operators will be able to check in with the user, and also alert the loved ones on the list of authorized contacts for that user.

New ways to keep loved ones aware.

Speaking of the user’s loved ones, today’s medical alert systems allow the authorized contacts to receive notifications much more often. It doesn’t take an emergency to alert a loved one, because real-time updates can happen on a routine basis. This helps caring family members to stay aware of how their beloved parent or grandparent is doing without interfering with their valuable independence.

New devices to monitor around the clock.

Inactivity is normal at night – but at a certain point, a healthy person will turn over in bed. If they don’t, then the monitoring center can be contacted as long as the user has a bed sensor mat in the bed. It’s a comfortable mat that detects activity and inactivity, and it can be connected to the system to trigger an alert if immobility takes place for too long. If that happens, then help can be sent to the home and the loved ones can be notified.

These are some of the key medical alert system changes that have taken place over the years. To speak with a professional security integrator that can explain additional benefits of medical alert systems in Illinois, contact F.E. Moran Security Solutions.

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