Security Solutions for Financial Institutions & Banks

You understand that safeguarding people, data, and assets is critical to the success of any financial institution. At FE Moran Security Solutions, we provide administrators with modern, easy-to-use security solutions to safeguard your bank customers and staff at multi-location facilities.

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Your Customers Trust You, and Expect the Best Financial Security Services

Secure banks and financial institutions create peace-of-mind with the public, employees, depositors, shareholders, the media and government officials. There’s no reason to settle for the services of a less experienced security company when there’s so much on the line for your financial institution every day. Let our team of experts create a custom security solution that will protect your people and your assets.

At FE Moran Security Solutions, our bank security alarm solutions provide you with the peace of mind that you have a partner who understands the threats you face everyday. We listen closely to what banking and security professionals need, and develop solutions that make cash handling more efficient and secure. We arm your institution with the tools, technology, and industry-leading security team to defend you from any potential risk. Even if you don’t know the exact security measures you need to protect your financial institution or bank, we do — and you can rely on us to put them in place. If you’ve been looking for a seasoned financial security company that can handle all of your bank’s security needs, you’ve found the right partner.

Examples of Financial Institutions We Serve

  • Banks
  • Savings and Loans
  • Credit Unions
  • Trust Companies
  • Investment Banks
  • Mortgage Loan Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Brokerage Firms

Security Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions

Generous Cloud Video Storage

Cloud data storage | FE Moran Security SolutionsKeep eyes on every facet of your locations, and store them in the cloud. Offload the heavy lifting of data center management, a range of solutions for your needs, scalability, and flexibility as your needs change.

Managed Video Surveillance

Video play icon | FE Moran Security SolutionsOur bank surveillance services are popular because they provide a visual record of everyone who enters and exits your building. Look to our video security specialists to provide around-the-clock alarm verification, video alarm verification, alarm management, and more.

Panic Button Integration

Finger pushing panic button | FE Moran Security SolutionsAn attack on your bank from armed intruders is everyone’s worst nightmare. Silent alarm systems installed and supported by FE Moran Security Solutions can get the word out within seconds to authorities – saving lives and providing security for customers and employees.

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Video Surveillance

Our digital video system allows you to see images and events like never before with exceptional clarity and functionality. If a problem arises, the footage we capture can be helpful as the authorities investigate the incident.

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Alarm Systems

We offer a wide range of banking security solutions to help you deter burglary and theft, as well as make sure things are running smoothly when you’re not open for business. Mobile apps and remote access offer instant awareness and ultimate security options for your bank.

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Access Control

Use access cards that can be activated or deactivated with the touch of a button. Your staff can wear them on their belts, around their necks, or just in their pocket. You can now view business reporting records and data to find out who entered a branch, which door they used, and when they walked in.

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Fire Systems

Protect your bank or financial institution with a integrated fire alarm system. A fire alarm system that is inspected annually is often state-mandated requirement. Our NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) certified team is familiar with the local AHJ (authorized having jurisdiction) requirements and can design a fire alarm system that is customized to the needs of your bank or credit union.

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Reliable Security Equipment

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Reporting and Analytics

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Security System Lease Options

LEAE Options

On-Site System Training

Maintenance and support by FE Moran

24/7 In-House Monitoring Center to Better Manage Your System

Our central station is here 24/7 to protect what matters most to you. We have designed a state-of-the-art facility which ensures fast, efficient, and reliable communication with your financial security solution and alarm system. We have planned and configured our infrastructure for 100% uptime-and with every condition. We take your safety, security, and trust personally.

Every dispatcher is CSAA (Central Station Alarm Association) certified, earning FE Moran Security Solutions the prestigious Five Diamond Certificate: The highest training certification available in the alarm industry. We are proud of our UL® (Underwriters Laboratories) and FM (Factory Mutual) Approved certifications and we exceed their standards ensuring our customers can rest well knowing that we will deliver the best service in the business.

Reliable Security Equipment backed by the Top Brands in the Security Industry

A Safer, More Secure Financial Environment For Customers, Staff, & Executives

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