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Keep Your Company Secure With Cloud VMS

Maintaining security across multiple locations is a legitimate concern for the growing business owner. How can you successfully coordinate the security of your sites in one go? With Cloud VMS by FEMSS, you can safely store your security in your pocket with one centralized location to view all your camera footage.

Cloud VMS: One Screen, Multiple Locations

Cloud VMS software allows you to view multiple live streams of camera footage on your mobile, tablet, or laptop. With one accessible iOS or Android app, you can see all your locations on one screen. Store and share your video footage easily with cloud backup. Cloud VMS is fully integrated with IP and analog cameras so that you can plug and go. Your security can develop as you expand your business locations, so you can intuitively and quickly make changes to storage while you’re on the move.

Cloud VMS: What Makes It More Secure?

So how does it work? The cameras from your multiple locations all automatically communicate with the Data Center via secure encryption. From here, you can stream all your cameras across your available devices through the second secure encryption. It’s generally as simple as unplugging the old system and plugging in your brand new Cloud VMS.

The Data Center allows for you as a business owner to view security footage outside of your actual camera network. This reduces vulnerability to threats from hackers or botnets. Individual cameras cannot be accessed as part of the network, as all cameras interact with the Data Bridge. The bridge is a triple security boost for your system, as it acts as front line defense for unauthorized access and malware while isolating infected cameras so they can’t damage the rest of the system.

Next Level Security Monitoring At Your Fingertips

With Cloud VMS, you can set up motion triggers for specific events in your stores. Quickly and easily monitor security by having alerts sent directly to your device. Manage compliance across multiple locations, and easily share videos with HR, the police, or even for training events.

Triple redundancy backup is built into the system, with on-site buffering, cloud storage, and Cloud VMS, so you’re never without live footage or the backup you need. Intelligent bandwidth monitoring means that downtime is a rarity, while cutting-edge security analytics allow for reporting as detailed as employee temperature-monitoring. Complete end-to-end secure encryption ensures that your video footage and live streaming will protect your employees, your customers, and your company’s privacy.

Cloud VMS: Tailor The System To Your Business Needs:

Cloud VMS is a fully-customizable system, with far more scope than traditional security systems. Unlimited user capabilities mean that you have full control over which trusted executives have permissions, a custom user interface, and the ability to make changes on the go. Your Cloud VMS can fully adapt to your business strategy, allowing you to ensure brand excellence and consistency across multiple sites.

Want to find out more about how Cloud VMS can keep your company secure? Contact FE Moran Security Solutions today for a quote on your system set up.

Written By: Joe Jordan serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for FE Moran Security Solutions, a nationwide provider of electronic security, life safety, and monitoring systems, and one of the largest security alarm companies in the Midwest.

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Joe Jordan
CSO, FE Moran Security Solutions