Happy fall! Summer is officially over, and that means it’s time to go back to “real life” at your primary residence. Meanwhile, your vacation home will be sitting empty for the next few months. How can you make sure it stays secure while you’re away?

The answer: Smart technology.

We’re not talking about equipment and appliances you only see in showrooms. Today’s smart home technology is designed to be more accessible to families like yours, and it’s perfect for securing vacation homes in the off-season. Here’s an example: You’re loading the car with the summer luggage and locking up the lake house until the holidays. Normally, you would head next door to thank your neighbor for watching over the place while you’re gone and tell him, “See you in December!”

But this year, he’s hesitant. “We won’t be around much this fall,” he tells you. You take the hint: He’s tired of being the year-round resident tasked with watching over your vacation home.Now what do you do?

That’s where smart tech security comes in.

In one professional installation appointment, you’ll have connected cameras mounted in all the right places around the property. They’ll be integrated with a new intrusion detection system that features motion sensors and glass break detectors; that way, you’ll receive an alert if someone attempts a break in and have video of them doing it. This is already better than what your neighbor provided! But it gets better: There’s also professional monitoring that ensures you can talk to a live operator when the system is triggered, and they send help to the property to check things out. You don’t need to go there unless you want to, and your neighbor won’t be bothered. It’s a win-win.

And, smart technology will also protect your vacation home investment from environmental threats: lethal carbon monoxide in the air, water flooding on the floor, frozen pipes…and of course, fire. If you receive an alert that any of these hazards are occurring, you’ll be able to act immediately. Smart tech protects your vacation home and gives your neighbor a break for the fall season!

To learn more about smart tech security for your vacation home, contact F.E. Moran Security Solutions. We will be glad to answer your questions!

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