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When it comes to the payment obligations of homeownership, some costs can be managed better than others. For example, your monthly mortgage payment “is what it is” for now. But your monthly utility payments? That’s a different story.

By saving energy every month, homeowners can lower their utility bill. The good news is, there is home security technology to help them do it. By upgrading a standard home security system into a smart home system, homeowners have access to smart thermostats that integrate with their security systems to help them reduce the energy they use and save money month after month.

How Does it Work? 

A smart thermostat integrates with the security system, relying on sensors that intuitively react to human activity in the home. It can be programmed to maintain certain temperatures depending on what activity is detected – or, to adjust itself at certain times of day. Most importantly, it can be controlled remotely by you, the homeowner, using your own existing smartphone.

Your smart thermostat will remember your household patterns, such as when you and the family typically come and go in your daily routines; however, you decide if those are the times the system adjusts the household temperature.

There is also a location-based automation feature that taps into your phone’s location in order to determine whether the house should be cooled down in time for your arrival (or, if the cooling should be turned off after you leave).

This heightened control over your home’s HVAC system can help you lower your utility bills significantly over time.

Other Ways to Save

A smart home security system provides many ways to save on utilities in Illinois throughout the year, starting in the summer. For instance, there is a programming option that enables the homeowner to make the HVAC come on when the temperature outside reaches above 95 degrees. With summer coming up, this is one way your security system can start helping you save right away.

Another option is to program your thermostat to stay dormant when your security system is armed. You also the choice to generate a “scene” that performs all the energy-saving functions you want at the same time: thermostat, lights and even window shades. A smart home system can connect all of these functions to your security system so everything can be controlled with your smartphone app.

For more ways to save on utilities in Illinois this summer, F.E. Moran Security Solutions invites you to request a complimentary home security consultation. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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