The holidays are fast approaching and if you don’t believe it just take a stroll through your local Wal-Mart or Costco. Halloween and Thanksgiving are practically an after-thought among the rows of Christmas trees, plastic Santa statues, wreaths and garland. This can be an exceptionally busy time of year, filled with family gatherings and a myriad of thoughts and activities that preoccupy our minds. With all that needs to be done, basic safety concerns are easily overlooked. Here’s how to do the holidays safely…

Fire hazards

During this time of year there is more frequent use of candles and electric lights. Being on-guard for fire is an absolute must.

Watch your candles

If they fall over or burn down, they could ignite the tabletop they’re on, and then the whole room. Be sure to place them safely away from seasonal decorations, curtains or other flammable materials.

Check seasonal lights and extension cords for damaged sockets or frayed wires

Don’t overload circuits. Avoid adding “multi-outlet” electrical strips to a wall outlet that may be on a circuit already drawing maximum power. INJURIES: Be particularly watchful for situations and incidents that could represent a hazard at this time of year.

Decorate with care

If you use a ladder outdoors to put up or take down seasonal decorations, make certain that it’s a substantial one. Always have someone hold it for you.

Childproof your home if youngsters don’t visit often

What may be seemingly every-day-safe for adults, could represent a serious hazard to youngsters. Put away breakables, safety razors and dangerous substances. A small child might taste the after-shave, swallow a small battery, or decide to plug-in your new electric drill.

A few simple precautions like these—and, a generous sprinkling of common sense—can help make your home a safe-haven no matter what the season. FE Moran Security is a well established security company with over 50 years of experience in home security. Contact us today for help with any security or life safety system.