After school home security

As back to school time approaches, many parents have started talking about the idea of allowing kids to stay home alone after school. If that idea materializes, then here are some ways we can help make those few hours between the end of the school day and the end of your work day a safer time for your young ones.

Providing an Inconspicuous Connection

Mom and Dad want to know what’s happening when they aren’t at home, if for no other reason than safety. But for growing kids entering the tween or teen years, there’s also an expectation of privacy. Smart home security helps you achieve both of these goals, with options like:

  • Doorbell cameras, so parents can find out when kids get home and watch live video of them walking in
  • Motion detectors that can be placed in off-limits areas, so parents receive an alert if a child gets too close to the liquor cabinet, gun safe, tool shed or other forbidden area
  • Alerts to parents if the alarm is triggered, so intervention and awareness can work together to keep the kids as safe as possible

With all of these components working in concert to keep the home secure, parents can have an inconspicuous connection to what’s happening while still providing kids the independence they crave.

Upgrading to Keyless Entry

Kids who stayed home alone after school used to be called “latchkey kids,” but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. A smart home security system offers families keyless entry into the home, which completely removes the worry of kids losing their keys (and let’s face it, every kid loses the key at some point). Instead of a key, kids can use an easy-to-memorize code at the doorway and enter the home quickly. Mom and Dad can also program the alarm to be disarmed at the time the kids are expected to come home; that means no need to worry that the alarm will be triggered by their entry. Wouldn’t it have been nice to have this when you were a kid?

When kids are experiencing afterschool independence for the first time, a smart home system can be a bonafide relief for caring parents. To learn more, contact us to request a complimentary consultation on upgrading to an Illinois smart home system.

About F.E. Moran Security Solutions

Since 2003, F.E. Moran Security Solutions has been a relationship-driven security company that is provides superior customer service, quality installations and state-of-the-art monitoring – and now, our services include smart home upgrades. We are proud that one of the top 50 security companies in the U.S., ranked by SDM Magazine, is our Illinois smart home and home security company.

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