Aging is an inevitability of life that comes with many choices and complexities. One of those complexities is finding solutions that allow the senior to stay in the home independently as long as possible. Until very recently, that desire was cut short when the aging adult needed more than occasional supervision. Fortunately, home security and smart technologies are addressing the needs of seniors wanting to stay in their own homes with innovative options.

Most aging adults face a gap in adequate care when they need increased supervision, but may resist in-home help and are not yet ready for assisted living. Caregivers struggle with providing help that is not intrusive but is enough to ensure the health and safety of their loved one. Home security and automation technologies solve these problems.

Home Security and Home Automation Supports Seniors

Smart home and security technologies are transforming how we deal with the many facets of aging with positive and life changing solutions. Here are some great ways these advances enhance the lives of both the senior and their loved ones and caregivers.

  • Wearable technology connects seniors living alone to help in the event of an accident or medical emergency.
  • Seniors can use their phone, tablet or computer to control televisions, lighting, appliance, and temperature controls in the home instead of having to get up.
  • Outdoor video surveillance can let the senior who is at the door before opening to avoid possible intruders.
  • The knowledge that loved ones can view real time video surveillance reduces feelings of fear and isolation.
  • Knowing that motion sensors are in place can provide comfort in knowing that others would be alerted to inactivity and provide help.

Caregivers and Loved Ones Use Home Automation and Security Products to Help Seniors Age in Place

Many seniors face leaving the home and community which they have known for some time, sometimes their entire adult lives, simply because they lack tools and systems that could help them stay in their own home more safely. Home automation and security technologies are now changing the way we approach care and enabling many seniors to live independently, longer. Caregivers now have tools that can help them provide the sensitive and unobtrusive oversight many elders need and the control and information caregivers need to improve care and safety.

Here are some important ways security and smart home technologies aid in eldercare:

  • Caregivers can view real time video to check in on their loved ones.
  • Motion sensors can tell caregivers whether the loved one is active, or a lack of movement can indicate a medical emergency.
  • Door sensors can indicate the arrival of other caregivers.
  • Sensors on the refrigerator can indicate whether or not the senior is eating frequently enough.
  • Access to remote automation can enable the caregiver to turn off appliances that were accidentally left on.
  • By using remote access controls, the caregiver can make sure the temperature of the home is safe and comfortable at all times.
  • Door sensors can alert the caregiver to wandering.
  • Motion sensors can provide information about the loved one’s sleep patterns, or a lack of sleep.
  • Outside video surveillance can provide information about anyone that should not be lingering near the home.

Smart home technologies are now providing seniors with the options they want and need to be able to enjoy their own home for as long as possible. If you have questions about how to use home automation and home security products to aid your loved one, please give us a call today.