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Motion detectors are an important part of your home security system. A motion detector is a device which detects motion or notifies a moving object. The purpose of a motion detector is to catch any moving activity in the area where located to alert system and Central station. It detects the movement of people or any other objects within a specific radius. These motion detectors are pet-friendly. At F.E. Moran Security Solutions, we know how important it is to secure your loved ones using state of the art motion detectors. We install and fix your security systems and motion detectors so that you stay safe.

The motion detector or a motion sensor is an important aspect of your security system. It is the main device which detects an unwanted presence in your home. The motion detectors use various technologies to detect motion. Once it detects, it will send a signal to the central station and also set off an alarm.

A regular motion detector uses an IR ray. These infrared rays detect the heat of the body. Whenever a warm body appears or moves within the radius, the system sets the alarm about the motion. Installing some motion sensors can create a protective grid.

A motion detector may also use microwave pulses. These sensors have a large radius and cover more area. These sensors or detectors can detect movement in a large area. These are however more expensive and are vulnerable to interference. It is why we do not recommend using these detectors.

There are also image sensors which you can install to detect a moving object. A traditional motion detector may send off an alarm, and you will not know what’s going on. It may be your pet which opens the door or moves in an unwanted area. It will set off the alarm or may even call the police. However, the image sensor can detect motion and also show a still image of the event. It is how you prevent false alarms. When the alarm sets off, you also get an image. This way you can know if it is a pet which trips the alarm or a person. The image sensor is pet-friendly. Make sure that you have a state of the art motion detector installed at your home. We at F.E Moran Security Solutions, try to protect your home using the state of the art motion sensors.

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