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At F.E. Moran Security Solutions, we understand that the protection and security of your loved ones and valuable belongings are extremely important. A central station (also known as a “monitoring center”) is designed to facilitate quick, reliable communication between home security systems and authorized first responders, with the ultimate objective being to prevent or minimize loss.

The central station is the physical location where home security systems are monitored for intrusion, fire and other emergency situations. It is staffed with highly trained operators who analyze and respond to signals sent by the alarms in the homes of clients. With the use of software, communications equipment and a dedicated live workforce, central stations dispatch police, fire and other emergency responders when signals from home security systems are activated.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Central Station

Your home security system is programmed to communicate with the central station. When a signal is sent from your system, it contains the following information:

  • Your account details (name, address etc.)
  • The nature of the signal and in most cases
  • The zone or device that initiated the signal

Upon receiving the alarm signal from a home security system, the central station operator responds promptly by dispatching investigators to the premises and notifying police. Subsequent actions may vary according to customer requests and the nature of the emergency. For most home security systems, a central station operator may first make a phone call to the customer to rule out the possibility of a false alarm. If there is a false alarm, the home security system customer can cancel the alarm by saying the password the central station has on record. However, rest assured: If there is no response to the call – or, if someone provides incorrect information – then law enforcement will be dispatched immediately.

For more information on how a central station works, contact F.E. Moran Security Solutions. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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