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FE Moran helps you save life and property before it’s too late.

Smoke & CO Monitoring

Carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases can be instantly detected, sound an alarm and simultaneously notify our central monitoring station to dispatch help to your home. This NBC news segment explains why most store bought, self-installed smoke detectors are not enough to save lives. FE Moran Security Solutions, by contrast, installs monitored photoelectric smoke detectors that sound the alarm at the first hint of smoke in the home.

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24/7 Home Fire Alarm Monitoring

When you’re at work, out enjoying your evening or even when you’re asleep, the last thing you need to worry about are the dangers of fire in your home. Even if you do not arm your security system, your smoke detectors are still being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With the kind of comfort and security we offer you, you can rest easy knowing we have you and your family’s best interest in mind.


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Rest Easy. FE Moran Has Your Back.

Although carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless and potentially fatal threat, it isn’t something you’ll need to worry about with our carbon monoxide detectors. Our detectors will alert both you and us if life-threatening CO levels are reached and we will immediately send for help.

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Always Prepared For The Worst

Sump pump power failures don’t happen often but when they do, you’ll be prepared with our water detection monitor. If you are asleep or out and your basement begins to fill with water, sensors placed near sump pump detect the presence of water sending a signal to our central station where we can alert you to the issue before it becomes a pricey problem.

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They listened, recommended things, no pressure environment. Kristina was the most recent person I dealt with and she was great.

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Very professional, courteous, efficient. Highly pleased.

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