It is not uncommon to use social media to keep family and friends up-to-date. You use it to share your photos, status updates and even announce what is going on in your life. While social media keeps you connected to those you know and love, it also helps burglars target you and your home.

If you are active on social media, use these tips to keep your home and belongings safe while doing so.

Geotagging Tells Burglars You Are Not Home

When you post a status update on social media sites (such as Facebook) from your smart phone, your location is shared along with your post. So, if you are not home when you post, burglars will know just by checking out your daily feed. You can fix this by changing your privacy settings so that only friends and family see your updates.

Do Not Use Location-Based Apps While Away

Location-based apps tell people where you are and how often you go there. Applications like Foursquare can tell burglars and predators your daily routine. If you are going to use a location-based app while you are away from home, change the privacy settings so that only friends and family should be able to access your whereabouts.

Be Careful Who You Add to Your Friends List

Do you really know everyone who you have accepted onto your friends list? If not, you could have added a possible identity thief, burglar or predator to your social media network. Make sure you know every individual you are connecting with or at least have some idea of their background and references; i.e. see who else knows them from among your connections. Even if it is someone that you may have gone to school with in the past, if you are not closely in touch now, then be careful who you add and how much information you share with them.

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