As any attentive father knows, becoming a dad changes everything – even the way your brain is wired. No more sleeping through the night; now, a whimper from the nursery will easily wake you up. No more judging the parents of crying kids in public; from now on, you feel for the dads and moms who are in that tough spot. It’s a remarkable conversion.

Also, these changes are apparent whether your kids are with you or not. When you’re away from home – whether you’re at work, at a cocktail party, or out of town on business – you probably long to feel connected to what’s going on at home. Fortunately, there’s a home security system that allows you to stay plugged in 24/7. Here’s what it can give you.

24/7 Home Security Monitoring

Seasoned dads: Remember that feeling of vulnerability when your first child was born? Back then, you may not have had access to a monitored home security system. But times have changed; now, motion sensors can tell you the moment there is activity at your door or window. They communicate with your security system to send an alert to your phone in seconds. And if the system is armed while someone crosses into the home, an alarm is triggered and you’ll hear from the monitoring center right away.

Assurance While You’re Away

Are all the doors and windows locked? Is the security system armed (also known as “is the alarm on?”). When you have a direct line to the system via your smartphone, you can check on the status of any of these things. If you have opted to have cameras connected, you’ll be able to see who’s at the door, when kids are coming and going, and whether anyone is snooping around on the side or backyard.

Adaptive Security for Growing Families

As kids get older, the family’s security needs change. You used to be worried about their physical safety while playing outside; now, you’re more concerned about staying out past curfew. With smart home security, the system can adapt with the family as needs change. Cameras can watch kids in the yard when they’re young, and notify you when they come home late as teens. Adaptive home security is an investment that can last the entire extent of raising your family.

If this sounds like home security you can get behind as a parent, contact F.E. Moran Security Solutions. We will be glad to show you more.  

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Since 2003, F.E. Moran Security Solutions has been a relationship-driven Illinois home security company that is provides superior customer service, quality installations and state-of-the-art monitoring – and now, our services include smart home upgrades. We are proud to be one the top 50 security companies in the U.S. ranked by SDM Magazine.

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