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It’s a question many homeowners who are investing in home security for the first time ask: “Should I do this DIY, or pay for professional installation?” Here are some pros and cons of each.

Pros of DIY Home Security

One of the biggest pros of installing your own security system is that there are no installation costs. For homeowners on a tight budget, DIY home security can be the most cost-effective way to get a system installed. In addition, the contracts tend to be more flexible and include shorter terms, in order to accommodate people who rent their homes rather than own them. After all, renters deserve to benefit from home security too (as do people with credit challenges). With a DIY system, renters can move without the worry of being bound to a multi-year monitoring contract.

Along those lines, one big pro of DIY home security is that the options for monitoring tend to be more extensive. Rather than being bound to a single type of security technology, people who install their own security systems can decide whether they should connect the system to a landline phone, cellular technology or a system powered by Wi-Fi.

There are upsides and downsides to everything, and that includes DIY home security. Consider the following possibilities:

Risk of User Error 

When a system is installed by the user rather than a professional security installer, the possibility of user error occurring increases; if you’re planning on installing your own security system, it’s a risk one should be prepared to deal with.

Fewer Monitoring Options 

Another concern involves monitoring options. packages offered by some companies may not include professional monitoring at all; in these cases, the only thing that happens when the alarm is triggered is an internal siren.

No Home Automation 

In addition, installing your own home security system typically eliminates the benefit of home automation capabilities (in other words, no accessing your system with a mobile app). For users who want better control over their system, such as remote access from work or vacation, that could be considered a disadvantage.

There are pros and cons of DIY home security, and we are happy to discuss them all with you. F.E. Moran offers DIY home security system kits in addition to professional installations, because we believe in accessible home security solutions for everyone. Contact us to learn more.

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