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When an organization makes the decision to form a security plan, the first step toward developing the plan is performing a comprehensive needs assessment. A needs assessment is a procedure that can identify security goals, determine how tasks to reach those goals should be prioritized, and explore how resources should be allocated in order to maintain those objectives in the long run.

Needs assessment is more than a buzzword; it’s a procedure that involves asking some very important questions. Answering these questions can help fill in the gaps between the organization’s current security conditions vs. the security conditions that are desired.

If you are charged with forming a security plan for your organization, consider making these questions part of the initial needs assessment.

Questions that Recognize Security Goals, Resources and Obligations

· Who are we protecting? (Employees, clients/customers, other facility occupants?)

· What are we protecting? (Inventory, equipment, intellectual property/intelligence?)

· What is our ultimate security goal, and what are the milestones toward reaching it?

· When do we hope to reach that goal and the respective milestones along the way?

Questions that Evaluate Present Security Realities

· Where are our vulnerabilities?

· How can we address those vulnerabilities before they become serious security risks?

· What resources do we have in terms of security equipment, staff training and security procedures – and how can we improve upon those resources?

· Which standards and compliance obligations do we need to meet and maintain where security is concerned? What about installation, equipment and integration?

· What happens if we fail to execute a security plan and maintain it over time?

An Adaptable Security Plan 

In order to form a security plan, these needs assessment questions must be answered; however, they are not only answered at the onset. These are questions the management may need to revisit in the future as the organization evolves and its assets increase. After all, growth and expansion affect all aspects of an organization, and new vulnerabilities are bound to develop.

By turning to an experienced commercial security provider, your organization can gain insight on these needs assessment questions and how to use them to form a viable security plan. To learn more, please contact F.E. Moran Security Solutions.

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