Wichita Kansas FE Moran Office

Extended Local Servicing and Maintenance at an Even Faster Rate

FE Moran Security Solutions, one of the nation’s top security companies, opened its newest office in Wichita, Kansas, on January 6, 2020. Poised to further serve its growing client base, this office is an expansion on the Hutchison, Kansas, branch, which is still open for business.

“This [new Wichita] addition only makes sense. Over the last couple of years, our footprint has increased rapidly in the Wichita market. Granted, we are a nationally recognized and ranked company, and being here in the Wichita market furthers our mission to maintain the experience and perks of working for a local company. We pride ourselves in providing fanatical protection and security service, on-time and on-budget, no matter the size,” says Brett D. Bean, CEO/President.

FE Moran Security Solutions is backed by premium equipment, systems and licensed technicians. It also boasts a Five Diamond 24/7 In-House, nationally recognized security operations center and industry-best certification and credentials. FE Moran Security Solutions designs, installs and monitors your home or business 24/7 to ensure you have the most reliable security.

“We take safety, security, and trust personally. Our team is grounded on delivering old-fashioned service, meaning we deliver on our promises. Security is more than just a quote or bill. Security today is a plan and a profit multiplier when protecting your people, places and profits,” says Joe Jordan, CSO.

Founded in 2003, FE Moran Security Solutions is now one of the nation’s top security companies and security integrators, according to the security company ranking by SDM Magazine 2019. The type of growth FE Morgan Security has realized over the past few months has been maintained by helping clients reach their “full potential.” The full potential is only achievable when you have a knowledgeable, empowered and experienced staff that understands your needs and can come up with the best resolution to specific problems. FE protects and trains your personnel to become experts in their systems and solutions.

The expansion of FE Moran Security Solutions to include Wichita enables extended local servicing and maintenance at an even faster rate. Whether you are a homeowner looking to protect your family or a growing business needing customized and scalable security solutions to align with your plans, FE Moran Security has your needs protected. Each client receives personalized service to suit their unique security needs.

As Wichita grows, so will the need for burglar and fire alarms, video surveillance, access control, energy management and automation. FE Moran exists to help people and clients reach their full potential. If you’re looking to grow in your career or allow your company to thrive using security as the vehicle, give us a call!

FE Moran Security Solutions

Our mission is to build profitable, ongoing relationships by protecting people, their assets and everything that the matters most to them. We provide innovative safety and security solutions, high-quality equipment and installations, customized monitoring and exceptional customer service. We do this by continually building trust and following through on our commitments. We recognize the need to carry the highest credentials in the security industry and provide our customers with the reassurance that we operate to meet and exceed the industry standards. FE Moran Security Solutions is in the Armory Capital family of companies (www.armorycap.com)

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