FE Moran Security Solutions Commercial Security Company

FE Moran Security Solutions Commercial Security Company

FE Moran Security Solutions adds Logan Burrows to the Michigan Team

FE Moran Security is excited to add Logan Burrows to our Michigan team! Logan will be working as a Commercial Sales Consultant, and he’s looking forward to continuing and growing the relationships FE Moran has established in the Michigan market. Joe Jordan, Commercial Sales Consultant, says “Logan will hit the ground running to serve our existing and potential clients in Michigan. He is equipped with experience and a team to deliver purpose, service, and accountability to those we serve to ensure they reach their full potential.”

Logan has four years of experience working with commercial security systems and solutions. This melds well with the goals of FE Moran Security Solutions, one of the nation’s top security companies, as the company is continuing to grow its client base by expanding into the Kansas area while remaining the preferred commercial security provider in Michigan and the upper Midwest area. According to Brett D. Bean, CEO/President, “We pride ourselves in providing fanatical protection and security service, on-time and on-budget, no matter the size.” Logan’s skill set and passion for client service will make him a great fit for our company philosophy.

One of the reasons Logan joined our company was his desire to work with a company that uses premium equipment, systems, and employs licensed technicians. According to Logan, “I am excited to join one of the nation’s top security providers. My goal is to continue delivering on the mission of protecting people’s places and profits throughout all of Michigan. The client’s needs and desires will always be my top focus.”

Adding Logan to the FE Moran team just makes sense, especially for our Michigan customers. With Logan’s close attention to detail and eye for even the smallest areas where clients can improve security, his new efforts and the already established security protocols have the potential to take our client service to the next level.

FE Moran is unique among our peers in that we feature a TMA Five Diamond nationally recognized security center, which we monitor 24-7, in-house. This gives us complete control over the monitoring of every home and business client, ensuring that each client has the most reliable security. Our security operations center is nationally recognized and has the industry’s top certifications and credentials. With custom installation and careful planning to address the specific needs of your home or office, you can rest easy knowing your family or business is protected around-the-clock.

Pride in being the best is what sets FE Moran apart from other security companies. Chief Security Officer Joe Jordan emphasized this in a recent interview. “We take safety, security, and trust personally. Our team is grounded on delivering old-fashioned service, meaning we deliver on our promises. Security is more than just a quote or bill. Security today is a plan and a profit multiplier when protecting your people, places, and profits.”

This dedication to being the best has made FE Moran grow by leaps and bounds. The company was founded in 2003 and is now one of the nation’s top security companies and security integrators, according to SDM Magazine. The exponential growth of the company is partially attributed to hiring the right staff and putting them in the right positions to deliver top-of-the-line security solutions and diligent, consistent monitoring.

At FE Moran, we know that Logan Burrows will continue our tradition of commitment, security, and trust. Welcome aboard, Logan!