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Have you ever wondered why some of the oldest urban myths out there are related to safety and security? From the stories kids tell each other about fabled nighttime prowlers with hooks on their hands, to the more “grown up” legends passed around by adults, urban legends about security will live on from generation to generation. An example of one adults tell each other: “You don’t need real home security cameras. You can save money and be just as safe using a decoy.”

Is there any truth to this? Typically, no. Sure, maybe you know someone who was able to keep trespassers away without a working home security camera. But is there any way to prove his cheap decoy camera is the reason his home hasn’t been targeted? Not really. Remember: Experienced burglars have seen real cameras and fake cameras, and they can quickly learn to tell the difference between the two.

Here are some more facts about fake home security cameras:

They show nothing and do nothing.

An operable home security camera that’s connected to the alarm system will be triggered by the motion of someone near the camera, whether it’s mounted near the door other elsewhere around the home. It starts recording the footage right away, and sends an alert to your smartphone so you’ll be able to watch it from wherever you are.

From there, you can take action as you see fit – and if the person forces his way into the home, an audible alarm will sound while the camera is rolling. With a fake home security camera, you can’t do any of these things. They show you nothing, and can’t be connected to your alarm.

They don’t provide a communication function.

If the person approaching your door is up to no good, a real home security camera will start recording them right away and send a clip of their activity to your smartphone. And if there’s a doorbell camera, you can speak to them through the two-way communication speaker and tell them to leave. A decoy camera offers no communication functionality whatsoever, so the homeowner can’t let the trespasser know they’re being watched.

There’s no monitoring capability.

Let’s go back to the criminal forcing his way into the house. With a real camera connected to the rest of the home security system, the security operators at the monitoring center will receive the signal right away and respond to it by calling your phone. If law enforcement is needed, they will dispatch them to the scene. And if you have a decoy camera? No monitoring, no security operator, no response. In many cases, the criminal will succeed.

Clearly, there’s a big difference between the false security of a decoy camera and the true security a real camera provides. To learn more about high quality home security cameras in Illinois, contact F.E. Moran Security Solutions. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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