The modern Indianapolis business needs a state-of-the-art and comprehensive security solution in order to protect its commercial space and other assets. The best Indianapolis security for commercial enterprises is interactive, networked, integrated, redundant and monitored around the clock by trained alarm response agents.

F.E. Moran Security Solutions

F.E. Moran Security Solutions is one of the leading security companies in Indiana, and it has achieved that position through an unwavering commitment to excellence in service. F.E. Moran Security Solutions has CSSA 5 Diamond Certification, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and SDM Magazine has selected it as a Top 100 Company. The following information is a breakdown of the core components of the commercial service they provide.

Intrusion Detection

The first goal of any commercial security system is to protect the commercial space from burglary. Features include motion detectors, glass breakage detectors and door/window contacts. For businesses that serve the public, options also include panic buttons and similar technology. F.E. Moran Security Solutions doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all plan and will instead design an intrusion prevention/detection system that is perfect for your unique business and commercial space.

Fire Alarm Systems

F.E. Moran Security Solutions will design a fire alarm system that is perfect for your commercial space but also meets the standards set forth by the Indianapolis fire code. Although this can sometimes be a tricky balance to achieve, our company has a great deal of experience realizing unique fire detection systems for businesses.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression

F.E. Moran Security Solutions can integrate waterless fire suppression into your Indianapolis security system as the first line of defense. A clean agent won’t damage expensive equipment and sensitive information, and it is much more environmentally friendly. The sprinklers will only activate if necessary.

Access Control

No other security companies in Indiana offer the sophisticated and robust level of access control that F.E. Moran Security Solutions does. With this system, you can track usage at each access point, and it automatically builds a database of that data. The system is an excellent deterrent to employee theft, and it allows you to limit aspects of the business to only those that absolutely need that access.

Video Surveillance

F.E. Moran Security Solution’s surveillance system can include internal, external and hidden cameras, and the system allows you to view events as they happen in real time or events that occurred previously. With remote access capabilities, it is even possible to access streams from the cameras from any Web-enabled device. Imagine an after-hours access automatically triggering a camera feed to your tablet while you sit on the couch watching TV.

Environmental Monitoring

Through environmental monitoring capabilities, F.E. Moran Security Solutions can detect floods, detect high carbon monoxide levels and monitor temperature. The system can even track specific equipment, such as server racks and refrigeration units. By reacting to events such as floods as they start, you can all but eliminate damage and costly repairs.


F.E. Moran Security Solutions offers ongoing service agreements that are flexible and affordable, and is one of the few security companies in Indiana that offers around-the-clock emergency service. Although the occurrence is rare, should a security device fail in the middle of the night, a technician will come out to fix it, even on holidays.


F.E. Moran Security Solutions is an Indianapolis security firm that will inspect and test your equipment on a regular basis. This allows you to meet the requirements of your insurance company and the local fire code, and it gives you peace of mind that a trained technician has signed off on your system again.

F.E. Moran Security Solutions is a national security system provider, and can customize a security plan to suit your needs, no matter where you are.

Jeremy Simmons
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