Founded in 2003 by Brett Bean, F.E. Moran Alarm has quickly grown into one of the most successful security companies in the United States, recently having been ranked as one of the Top 50 security companies by SDM Magazine. One of the main areas of business F.E. Moran Alarm has developed is technologically advanced article surveillance and loss prevention systems for retailers large and small. Among the systems developed are radio frequency identification, metal detection and customer counting technologies. The systems are not only used to avoid loss of product through stealing, but also to allow managers to monitor peak traffic times for customers, and staff their stores accordingly.

Retailers are always contending with shoplifters and finding ways to deter theft and profit loss. Recently, a large retailer in Indianapolis was victim to a previously unknown way for a shoplifter to avoid the sensors when walking out of a store with tagged merchandise. Indiana security systems for retailers often rely on electronic article surveillance systems that would set off an alarm when a person walked past it. However, it was only recently discovered that the garment tags were undetectable under foil-lined clothing and bags. As security companies in Indianapolis develop technologies to fight individuals determined to steal products from retailers, the individuals also develop systems for removing products without being noticed, as was the case here. One of the most effective ways of halting the unlawful removal of EAS tagged products is to monitor customers entering a store for foil lined garments and bags using metal detection. Sensors located in the antennas of the detectors can notify staff of customers that are wearing garments containing a foil lining.

Another cutting edge technology now used in Indianapolis security systems is called RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification. This is a wireless, non-contact tracking system that allows products to be tracked and information recorded on the tag that is attached to the garment through a networked system. Alongside monitoring the movement of products, the system allows staff to record information relating to marketing and stocking of products. The system uses intelligent barcode technology that can record which customers purchase which products and how often certain products are bought by shoppers; information can be recorded using RFID tags and maintained for future use.

Another EAS system used to monitor customer movements and the flow of customers into, through and out of a store is the customer counting system. This technology utilized by the Indianapolis security systems for vendors allows a retailer to monitor the movement of shoppers throughout their store; the information provided by this technology can help a retailer monitor the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and in-store displays. Customer counting techniques are an important addition to Indiana security systems to ensure retailers are aware of how many customers are in their store at any time, and are able to monitor stock levels, staffing and customer reactions to marketing campaigns.

To ensure customers are secure in their relationship with F.E. Moran, one of the security companies Indianapolis retailers trust with their merchandise, the company maintains a 24-hour control center. This control base has been awarded the Five Diamond Certification awarded by the CSAA; this award is given to only a very few security companies as recognition of the superior quality of their monitoring center. The company is also certified by the NFPA, BBB and the First Alert Professional body. For more information about security companies in Indianapolis and throughout the United States, go to

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