Smart home security cameras are among the best home security investments a homeowner can make. 9 times out of 10, burglars will avoid a home if they spot a security camera outside – and, they’re incredibly useful for household management. Parents can check in on the kids from their smartphone, and a doorbell camera allows people inside to talk to visitors without going to the door.

But, buyer beware: Not all home security cameras are the same. In fact, some are not even true security cameras. A standalone camera set from a big box retailer might seem like a convenient way to start out with home security, but those cameras are neither connected nor intelligent. True security cameras are fully connected to a smart home security system. Unlike a standalone camera set, smart home security cameras allow you to:

See what’s happening on demand.

With a standalone security camera, homeowners can only see what happened after the fact. But if the cameras are connected to a smart home security system, homeowners can see what’s in front of any camera installed at the home, anytime. The home security app makes it easy.

See more clearly.

The standalone cameras you buy at a big box store will rarely offer a view as clear as the high-definition cameras that come with our smart home security systems. We have wireless indoor and outdoor cameras that let you see what’s happening in HD resolution, so subjects can be in full view through your home security app. If you want to, you’ll also be able to zoom in with your fingertips for a closer look.

Get custom video alerts.

The cameras connected to a smart home security system can intelligently memorize your home’s activity and enable you to choose the specific events you want a video alert for. You may want an alert every time there’s motion on your porch, or only when there’s motion outside the hours where family members are coming and going. That’s just one example. It’s easy to customize a motion-triggered alert for any of the cameras, and the alert can be filtered by other criteria: by time of day, for instance, or by only when your alarm is armed.

Smart home security cameras are more connected, more intelligent, and more effective than standalone cameras from the store. To speak with a professional security integrator about true smart home security cameras, call F.E. Moran Security Solutions for a free consultation appointment.

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