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Monitor single or multiple properties 24/7 with video surveillance, access control & business analytics.

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Audio Evacuation Systems

Audio emergency evacuation may be required in some counties. The professionals at FE Moran Security are familiar with local AHJ (authorities having jurisdiction) requirements and can help you customize an emergency evacuation plan for your property.

Remote Management

Save on surveillance and access costs with remote management from FE Moran Security. Our staff of trained professionals can monitor your building and security systems 24/7 and alert you if a problem arises.

Door Intercom Systems

Sometimes, you or a tenant may need to gain access to a building after hours, or during business hours if there is no access control card system in place. Intercom systems installed by our team can make life easier and more secure for property owners and tenants alike.

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Intrusion Detection

Secure vaults, offices and other sensitive areas with window and door sensors. Add glass break sensors for even greater protection for your property after hours. 24-hour burglar alarm monitoring will sound an alarm and dispatch the police if an alarm is triggered.

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Access Control

Tenants employees can arrive and leave at all hours of the day. Set custom permissions for automatic locking and unlocking of entryways and provide tenants with card access to ensure maximum safety.

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Video Surveillance

Did the landscapers do a thorough job? Did the trash pick up happen on time? Answer these questions and more with on-demand HD video surveillance from FE Moran Security. Cloud video and local NVR make your video clips available at any time via the mobile app or desktop.

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Fire Systems

A fire or gas leak can start at any time. Are you ready? In many counties around the Midwest, a fire alarm system that is inspected annually is a state-mandated requirement. Our NICET certified team is familiar with the local AHJ requirements and can design a fire alarm system that is customized to the needs of your building.

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Reliable Equipment

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24/7 Monitoring

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Lease Options

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Training & Support

Maintenance and support by FE Moran

In House, UL-Listed Central Station

Our central station is here 24/7 to protect what matters most to you. We have designed a state-of-the-art facility which ensures fast, efficient, and reliable communication with your alarm system. We have planned and configured our infrastructure for 100% uptime-and with every condition. We take our responsibility of protecting you very seriously.

Every dispatcher is CSAA (Central Station Alarm Assoc.) certified earning FE Moran Security Solutions the prestigious Five Diamond Certificate: The highest training certification available in the alarm industry. We are proud of our UL and FM certifications and we exceed their standards assuring that our customers can rest well knowing that we will deliver the best service in the business.

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