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Our electronic article surveillance and RFID solutions are designed to meet the most demanding retail security environments, providing reliable, best-in-class inventory security.

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EAS Systems and RFID Technology: Stop Retail Theft Before it Happens

Shoplifters are becoming more savvy, working in teams or using their own technology to try to block electronic detection. As a result, the retail industry will continue to lose multiple billions of dollars each year. It is imperative retailers stay ahead of them with the most up to date security solutions to keep loss prevention from happening at their stores. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS system) combined with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is considered the most successful and effective and scalable anti-shoplifting system for retailers today.

At FE Moran Security Solutions, our experts know the EAS system and RFID technology requirements of each store are unique. The types of inventory carried, the visual standards and layout of the store, the positioning of staff—these are all important variables. That’s why we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We believe a successful, effective EAS and RFID systems must be customized to your business, based on a thorough evaluation of your property and understanding of your objectives. Our intelligent Electronic Article Surveillance solutions incorporate a variety of loss prevention systems, RFID technologies and devices that deliver the best loss prevention for retailers.

How Does an EAS and RFID System Work?

eas systems and rfid for retail security

An EAS and RFID system works with detection antennas that are installed at the exit of the store and the hard tags or labels attached to the articles sold in the store. These antennas constantly emit electromagnetic energy. When a customer passes these antennas at a store exit with merchandise that has a hard tag or label still attached but is not deactivated, it sends a short electromagnetic signal that is received by the antennas and sets off an alarm.

The hard tags or labels themselves do not contain transmitters. There is an electric current generated by the electromagnetic field between the antennas. Electric current is only generated during the short moment that the article is carried past the detection antennas and an electromagnetic interaction occurs between the antenna and the hard tag.

Once a consumer has purchased an item, a high-powered magnet built into the checkout counter can deactivate the hard tag or label. When the item with the tag or label is moved near the magnet, it neutralises the signal being emitted from the security tag. Now the consumer can leave the store without setting off an alarm.

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Key Benefits to Electronic Article Surveillance and RFID for Retailers

  • Reduces your shoplifting losses

  • Identifies thieves as they walk out

  • Provides a deterrent effect

  • Boosts impulse sales by moving items from locked cased to counters and open sales floors

  • Creates a more pleasant shopping environment and experience for customers

  • Ideal for delicate fabrics, no damage to the garment

  • Brand enhancement, open merchandising

  • Covert in nature and incorporated into current labeling needs

  • Speed of delivery to the shop floor

The 4 Steps to EAS and RFID System Installation

1) Analysis

An FE Moran Security Solutions security consultant will identify potential security weaknesses in your facility during a needs analysis. Our professionals will review blueprints, your current security solutions, and recommend the best technology based on your concerns and budget.

2) Design

Your FE Moran Security Solutions designer will incorporate information gathered during the needs analysis, like hardwired or wireless options, into your new security system design. You will have the opportunity to review and approve the design before installation.

3) Scheduling

Your FE Moran Security Solutions commercial alarm installation team will schedule a convenient time to complete the install. They will work around your schedule so that you can keep your business open.

4) Installation

Your installation team will arrive at the appointed time to complete work. Your installation will not be complete until a thorough inspection and system test is performed by a professional from FE Moran Security Solutions.

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