FE Moran Security Solutions Opens New Office In Wichita, Kansas

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FE Moran Security Solutions, a nationwide provider of electronic security, life safety, and monitoring systems, and one of the largest security alarm companies in the Midwest, announces the addition of Joe Jordan to the leadership team as Chief Strategy Officer.

Home Security & Social Media: Not So Good Together?

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It is not uncommon to use social media to keep family and friends up-to-date. You use it to share your photos, status updates and even announce what is going on in your life. While social media keeps you connected to those you know and love, it also helps burglars target you and your home. If you are active on social media, use these tips to keep your home and belongings safe while doing so. Geotagging Tells Burglars You Are Not Home When you post a status update on social media sites (such as Facebook) from your [...]

How Home Security and Smart Home Tech Solves Problems in Senior Care

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Aging is an inevitability of life that comes with many choices and complexities. One of those complexities is finding solutions that allow the senior to stay in the home independently as long as possible. Until very recently, that desire was cut short when the aging adult needed more than occasional supervision. Fortunately, home security and smart technologies are addressing the needs of seniors wanting to stay in their own homes with innovative options. Most aging adults face a gap in adequate care when they need increased supervision, but may resist in-home help and are not yet [...]

How To Secure Your Vacation Home With Smart Technology

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Happy fall! Summer is officially over, and that means it’s time to go back to "real life" at your primary residence. Meanwhile, your vacation home will be sitting empty for the next few months. How can you make sure it stays secure while you're away? The answer: Smart technology. We’re not talking about equipment and appliances you only see in showrooms. Today’s smart home technology is designed to be more accessible to families like yours, and it’s perfect for securing vacation homes in the off-season. Here’s an example: You’re loading the car with the summer luggage and [...]

The Ultimate Duo: Your Dog & The Home Alarm System

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Your home security system is designed to help protect everyone in your household, and that includes its most vulnerable, four-legged members. Naturally, we’re talking about your pets: those loyal, lovable animals who want to protect you, but can’t always do it on their own. Luckily, there are ways they can work alongside your home security system to make better household safety happen.  

Smart Home Security Must-Haves: A Quick Guide

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A happy home is a safe home with the most secure home and family possible. Investing in a smart home security system is a great way to make this a reality. Here are some of the must-haves you want your system to offer.

3 Tips To Deter The Cat Burglar This Holiday Season

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It’s definitely a merry time of year, but the holidays can still carry some baggage – including security concerns. The good news is, your security system can help you tackle those head-on and keep them at arm’s length even after the holidays are over. Here are some things it can do for you this time of year. 

Fake Home Security Cameras Don’t Work. Here’s Why.

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From the stories kids tell each other about fabled nighttime prowlers with hooks on their hands, to the more "grown up" legends passed around by adults, urban legends about security will live on from generation to generation. An example of one adults tell each other: "You don’t need real home security cameras. You can save money and be just as safe using a decoy."

Home Security Can Help You Enjoy The Holidays More Safely

By |2019-05-28T19:40:37+00:00Saturday, December 1, 2018|Categories: Home Security|Tags: , , , |

The holidays are officially on, and that means it’s time to talk about ways to keep your home safe from fire risks – and, the ways you can work alongside your smart home security system to accomplish that goal. Let’s talk about....

House Fire Facts for National Fire Prevention Week

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For this year’s National Fire Prevention Week, the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) wants you to "look, listen and learn" how house fires can start. Here are some house fire facts you may not be aware of:

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