Using Home Security When Guests are Visiting

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Still hanging on to a couple of holiday guests after the new year? You want to create a hospitable atmosphere, but you also want to continue using all your outstanding security technology. Luckily, it’s easy to do both. Here’s how homeowners can make the most of their security systems when guests are visiting.

Smart Home Security Must-Haves: A Quick Guide

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A happy home is a safe home with the most secure home and family possible. Investing in a smart home security system is a great way to make this a reality. Here are some of the must-haves you want your system to offer.

Smart Home Cameras: The Smart Way to Stop Package Theft

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Package theft is an oddly personal property crime. And sadly, it happens during the holidays more than most other times of the year. Here are some ways your system can help stop package theft.

The Coolest Gift For Your Home: Voice Control For Your Alarm System

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Are you late to hop on the smart speaker train? If so, you’re in luck: These home management devices remain popular – and now, they’re even more dynamic. If your home is getting its first Alexa, Google Home or Amazon Echo for Christmas or Hanukkah this year and you’re already a smart home security system owner, you’ll be able to do even more with it than other households.

Smart Security Video for Beginners: What You Need to Know

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In the past, homeowners could only wish they could know what might be going on at home when they weren’t there. Now, that’s easy to do anytime if smart video is part of the home security system.

How Smart Locks for your Home Can Prevent Break-Ins

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The stereotypical burglary scenario may involve a forced break-in through a locked door of a home – but surprisingly, one-third of burglaries are classified as simple "unlawful entry" crimes. What does that mean? In those cases, it means there was no forced entry to the home at all.

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