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If access to your commercial property is not for everyone, then an access control framework may be the right security solution. Here are six of the most important benefits of access control systems.

  1. An Electronic Lock Upgrade

It’s a new era, and traditional keys are not always the best access tool for modern organizations. Unlike a set of keys, an access control system can be controlled by the facility manager to ensure only authorized people are able to enter the building.

  1. Lower Building Security Costs

The bottom line is – well, the bottom line! Every organization needs to save money, and an access control system can help make it happen by securing the building with more streamlined, cost-effective procedures.

  1. Employee Management

For certain organizations, an access control system can supplement the functions of a timeclock. If desired, managers can monitor what time hourly employees arrive and depart by checking access control logs.

  1. Ex-Employee Mitigation

When someone leaves the organization, they should be required to turn in their access credential device. However, some people manage to slip out under the radar. If that happens, management can easily turn off the device’s access so they won’t be able to re-enter.

  1. Loss Prevention

An access control system can protect prohibited areas of the property that contain inventory, equipment or intelligence against those who may wish to enter with malicious intent.

  1. Vendor Management

When a vendor needs access afterhours in order to repair or respond to a problem, access control can provide them easy entry without inconveniencing the management. Let them in remotely, tell them to notify you when they are preparing to leave, and lock the doors behind them.

To learn more about the benefits of access control and how they may be leveraged for your organization, contact F.E. Moran Security Solutions. We look forward to showing you how these systems work.

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