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F.E. Moran is a full-service alarm monitoring company that specializes in smart home security. We take your safety seriously year round, but as a new school year approaches, we would like to offer a few tips to help you and your children stay safe in the upcoming year.

To and From School

If your child walks to school or has to wait for a school bus, it is smart to gather a group of kids who do the same thing. Children who are not alone on the streets are less likely to put themselves in harm’s way.

Having your children walk a planned route every day is highly recommended, and it is essential to teach your child to look in all directions before crossing a street. Additionally, children should not use cell phones while walking home; this leaves them distracted and unable to focus on traffic.

It is essential for even the youngest child to know his or her home phone number and complete address, just in case. You never know when a child might get lost or turned around on the way home. If a child is unable to memorize this information, it should be written down on a card and placed in his or her book bag. This will help law enforcement officials return the child to his parents and home.

If your children ride the bus, tell them to wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before approaching the vehicle. It’s also important that children not bend down in front of a bus to pick up anything since the bus driver will not be able to see them. Once on the bus, children should take a seat quickly.

According to research conducted at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, texting now exceeds drunk driving as the leading cause of injuries and deaths among teenagers behind the wheel. If your teen drives to school, ask her to make a pact not to use her cell phone while on the road. Packing the car with other teens and blasting the radio are also distractions for inexperienced drivers. Be sure to talk to your teenagers about simple road safety rules if they will be driving to and from school.

At School

Encourage your children to obey all school rules. In order to remain safe, it is important to obey fire drills and pay attention to necessary exits that have been labeled by the fire alarm service. Every school has a set plan of escape in case of fire and other emergencies that must be followed.

Students should never leave the classroom or school grounds without permission, and it is important that your children know who will be picking them up from school. If another family member will be picking your child up, let a school official know beforehand.

Tell your children it is essential to report suspicious activity to a teacher or other school official. While it’s hard for children to know what might be suspicious behavior, they should be alert for people who look like they don’t belong, drugs and other illegal activities, unusual events and dangerous situations.

Life Safety Considerations

School safety should also include protecting the body. It is wise to choose a book bag that is appropriate for the body type of each child. Books can get heavy, so the pack should have wide and padded straps. To avoid back and neck strain, both straps should be worn.

Unfortunately, bullying is a serious problem in some of our schools. It is important for parents to educate children about bullying, so they will know when this type of behavior has become a problem. It is often difficult for children to speak up in these situations, so be sure to tell them it’s OK to let someone know if they are being harassed or bullied in any way. The child’s bravery should be rewarded with comforting words and encouragement, and parents should notify school administrators about the problem immediately.

About F.E. Moran Security Solutions

As experts in home security, our customers turn to F.E. Moran for all of their alarm systems and monitoring services. While tangible items such as fire alarm service will keep children safe from harm, so will teaching them a few safety precautions for the upcoming school year. 

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