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The modern residential and commercial alarm system is much more than just a series of intrusion and smoke alarms. The modern system is networked, integrated and interactive, and it can incorporate a wide array of features beyond intrusion and smoke detection, including access control, remote control, redundancy and advanced fault identification and response. Modern alarm monitoring companies also provide 24-hour, 365-day real-time monitoring from a centralized location. F.E. Moran Security Solutions has a UL Certified, FM registered Central Station. The Central Station is also a five diamond CSAA Central Station which is a credential that is earned through extensive on-going training for our professional operators and staff.

24-Hour Monitoring

The top security companies in Illinois use a central monitoring station that is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The station is staffed by trained professionals who man terminals connected to a centralized, sophisticated computer system that connects to your home or business’ security system. When an alarm or fault warning occurs, a trained monitoring agent responds to it immediately.

Client Communication

In residential scenarios, the monitoring agent communicates with the client to ensure their safety, help them restore the system or provide information about an incoming technician. In traditional home alarm scenarios, the agent speaks to the homeowner via telephone, but most modern systems have a built-in intercom system. In the event of an emergency, a monitoring agent can also call a smartphone.

Employee Communication

In commercial scenarios, the monitoring station must often speak to an employee, vendor or guest rather than directly to the main client. The agent’s system pulls up all the information needed to conduct that conversation quickly and efficiently. The systems used by modern alarm monitoring companies are also adaptive, which means that they can learn from each experience in order to provide service that is more efficient in the future.

Video Cameras

In emergencies, communication between the client and the monitoring agent may be a hindrance. If the home or business has CCTV cameras, and if the station has permission to access them, the agent can use the CCTV system in the event of an intrusion or fire alarm. That visual evidence, or lack of, allows them to respond appropriately and efficiently as possible.

Expert Response

The monitoring station receives the alarm as it occurs. The agent accepts, identifies and then verifies it. If verification is negative, the agent restores the system. If verification is positive, the agent dispatches emergency responders. Many aspects of the system are automated, and there is no possibility of calling the wrong fire department, for instance, because the correct number dials automatically.

Faults and Notifications

Modern alarm systems also provide a wide range of notifications to the monitoring station. These systems are sophisticated and redundant, and they can identify an issue before it becomes a fault of failure. Once identified, the monitoring agent takes the necessary steps to keep the system operational. In emergencies, they can even dispatch technicians in the middle of the night.

F.E. Moran Security Solutions

F.E. Moran is one of the most respected and trusted security companies in Illinois. It handles residential and commercial security assignments of all scopes and sizes, and it has its own dedicated 24-hour central station in Illinois. It is a high-tech facility that ensures fast, efficient and dependable communication with your home or business alarm system.

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