Love your dog but get home security

You love your family dog, and why wouldn’t you? He’s adorable, he’s faithful, and he lives to please everyone in your household. But is seeing him enough to scare away someone trying to break into your home? More often than not, the answer is no. Here’s why.  

His senses are not always reliable.

Dogs have been blessed with hearing and smell senses we can only dream about, and they can also be incredibly good at sensing danger. Unfortunately, some dogs can be very bad at sensing danger as well. No matter how smart he seems, assigning him the role of “guard dog” isn’t necessarily fair to a vulnerable pet who can be easily bribed with a piece of food or some playful petting. 

A more responsible security solution is to own a professionally installed and monitored home security system. The system contains motion detectors, glass break detectors and other technology, and all of it works together to recognize when someone is forcing entry into the home. At our central station, your system is being monitored 24/7 so that help will be dispatched right away.

He doesn’t have connections.

This isn’t about who he knows in the neighborhood. It’s about this fact: No matter how dedicated he is to protecting you, your dog isn’t connected to the central station. But your security system is, and that means a security operator will answer as soon as the alarm is triggered. From that point, help will be on its way.  

He’s man’s best friend, but he shouldn’t be expected to be your home’s main protector. To take the next step and learn more about home security, Illinois homeowners can call F.E. Moran Security Solutions.

About F.E. Moran Security Solutions

Since 2003, F.E. Moran Security Solutions has been a relationship-driven security company that is provides superior customer service, quality installations and state-of-the-art monitoring – and now, our services include smart home upgrades. We are proud that one of the top 50 security companies in the U.S., ranked by SDM Magazine, is our home security company in Illinois.

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