The use of security systems in crisis prevention may not be at the top of the mind for most home owners. After all, it is easy to just sit back and enjoy all the many benefits we enjoy here, such as the incredible beauty, tons of entertainment and recreational opportunities, and the friendly people. But one of the things that lead to most crisis situations is the failure to anticipate their possibility.

While it may be uncomfortable to think about, a crisis can happen anywhere and at any time —even in your own business. Crisis situations are impossible to predict so it is up to the business owner to do what they can to prevent their occurrence and to provide tools that will help in protecting themselves, employees, and customers.

What is a Crisis Situation?

Typically, we think of dramatic incidents of violence such as those experienced in Montgomery County in 2014 or the tragedy at Columbine, and similar tragic shootings when we think of a crisis situation. However, many things can constitute a crisis. Any sudden occurrence that can devastate a business and jeopardize the safety of customers and employees also constitute a crisis.

Tips for Using Security Systems in Crisis Prevention

Most businesses have a security system, which means they have a very powerful tool in crisis prevention and mitigation. The most important facet of using a commercial security system as a tool in preventing or mitigating a crisis is identifying those potential hazards, the strengths of the system, and how to leverage the technology most appropriately.

Here are a few tips for using a business security system in crisis prevention:

  1. Have a visible video surveillance system installed. Visible systems deter crimes of all types, including crimes of violence.
  2. Use access control systems to control access to specified areas or prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Use video surveillance to ensure the safe practices of all employees.
  4. Cover all areas of the property with surveillance, including the parking area.
  5. Spot potential hazards immediately via close circuit tv and address those problems immediately.
  6. Set off alarms in the occurrence of an emergency.
  7. Consider additional security, such as guards.

A crisis is any hostile action that poses a threat against your employees, customers, or business that could cause harm or disrupt operations. This could be something as simple as preventing or aiding in lawsuits brought about by slip and fall accidents, or as volatile as a disgruntled employee determined to cause harm. A business security system could be your best tool in preventing those threats by identifying hazards, thwarting crime, alerting authorities, and apprehending criminals. If you have any questions about how to use a security system as part of a crisis prevention plan, give us a call today.