The quest for peace on earth…or at least a peaceful holiday season almost seems like an impossibility with all that we have to accomplish during this busy time. With keeping up with work, shopping, online purchases, guest arrivals and departures, cooking, and parties and other social obligations it is all enough to induce a significant amount of stress, and take you away from what matters most—spending times with the ones you love.

But a peaceful holiday is not as elusive as it seems. By leveraging home automation, you can ease your load and reduce all that holiday stress. Here are some super smart ways to use smart technologies.

Manage Arrivals and Departures

As much as we’d like, we can’t be everywhere at once. If you have guests coming and going and don’t want to make the mistake of leaving a key out, you can lock and unlock doors from afar to let in your guest. You can also make them comfortable by turning on heat, lights and entertainment.

Keep the Lights Burning

You spent hours stringing up an impressive lighting display, only to forget to turn them on! Keep the lights burning for as long as you like and schedule turn off all with home automation.

Keep Potential Burglars Guessing

The holidays are a prime time for thieves because they know that residents are busy with holiday obligations and their homes are filled with new, in-box items ready for the black market. Use home automation to always look home and make your home unattractive to thieves.

Mobile Alerts & Reminders From Your Security System

With so many holiday details crowding our mind it is easy to let some things slip through the cracks. Things like leaving doors unlocked, leaving on appliances, or forgetting to set the alarm are common mistakes that can lead to big problems.

Set the Perfect Ambiance

Whether you want to pump up the energy or take it down a bit, ambiance is everything. Use home automation to set the stage with custom playlists, lighting and temperature scenes.

Keep Deliveries Safe

Avoid package theft by using your doorbell camera and alerts to know when the mail carrier comes. You can speak to the mail carrier directly to let them know where to place the package safely.

Keep Gifts Under Wraps

If you have kids that are determined to look at their gifts before the big day you can thwart their efforts using motion sensors and alerts sent directly to your phone. (Sorry, kids.)

About FE Moran Security

While home automation can’t solve all of your holiday stresses, it sure can reduce them significantly. If you have any questions about home automation, please give us a call. FE Moran Security offers the industry’s most advanced technologies in home security and incomparable customer service.