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It’s definitely a merry time of year, but the holidays can still carry some baggage – including security concerns. The good news is, your security system can help you tackle those head-on and keep them at arm’s length even after the holidays are over. Here are some things it can do for you this time of year. 

Taking on Package Theft

Delivery drivers work hard to get holiday packages delivered on time. And yet, package thieves are also “working,” prowling around neighborhoods and looking for deliveries to make off with. There are a few ways a smart home security system can defend a home in one of these neighborhoods, if ever it is targeted by a package thief.

If there’s a doorbell camera installed as part of the system, the homeowner will get a smartphone alert as soon as the package arrives. Then, the homeowner can use the two-way voice communicator to tell the driver the best place to leave the package. If smart locks are installed, it’s even possible to request that they leave the package inside. And now, it’s safe!

“Out of Town” Doesn’t Mean “Open House”

We’ve all seen the classic holiday film Home Alone, where a Chicago area family leaves for a Christmastime vacation while forgetting something very important – leaving a spunky kid to defend his home from burglars who target empty houses over the holidays. It’s an extreme, if not unlikely illustration; however, even real families can easily forget to lock up the house while leaving to go out of town. If a homeowner realizes the house is unlocked, the smart home security system can come to the rescue.

First, smart locks enable you to lock the house remotely with your phone. Second, lights that are integrated with your system can keep the house looking occupied throughout your entire trip. Third, the presences of your cameras will deter many burglars from attempting to break in – but if they do, they’ll be in for a deafening alarm and the assurance that they’re about to get caught. How’s that for defense against burglary? 

When Winter Weather Threatens

Of course, not all seasonal security concerns are holiday related. Some involve the severity of winter weather – like the threat of frozen pipes, for example. When pipes eventually thaw out and burst, they can flood a house with fast-rising water that pools up inches high. It’s catastrophic and costly. And if it happens while you’re still on that trip out of town? You’ll be coming home to a nightmare.

Here’s what a smart home security system can do. With the temperature sensor connected to the system, you’ll get send an alert to your phone if the temperature drops below a certain threshold. In fact, it can even be programmed to trigger a special water shutoff valve. This is one very practical way a smart home security system can protect homes from winter weather threats.

For more information on beating seasonal dilemmas of home security, Illinois homeowners can contact F.E. Moran Security Solutions. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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