SDM Magazine Rankings for 2016

May 18 2016

Up SEVEN spots from last year, we are ecstatic to announce FE Moran has secured the #35 spot in SDM Magazine for alarm companies by revenue. We are humbled by the customers we serve that trust in us to provide peace of mind. We couldn’t make these leaps without you!

Experts in Eastern Michigan Security, F.E. Moran Explains Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

Sep 18 2013

The Centers for Disease Control report that carbon monoxide (CO) gas is responsible for about 500 deaths and 15,000 emergency room visits every year. CO gas has no odor, no taste and is not visible. If it is leaking into an occupied structure, it can cause anything from headache to death. The only way to detect its presence is with sophisticated monitoring equipment that has been proven reliable. F.E. Moran is a full-service Eastern Michigan security company that wants to arm your family with the knowledge needed to avoid exposure to deadly CO gas.

Back-to-School Safety Tips from F.E. Moran—Specialists In Home Security In Indianapolis

Sep 10 2013

F.E. Moran is a full-service monitoring company that specializes in home security in Indianapolis. We take your safety seriously year round, but as a new school year approaches, we would like to offer a few tips to help you and your children stay safe in the upcoming year.

Myths About Home Security in Indianapolis

Jul 25 2013

A homeowner must take a few steps to protect his or her property from both criminals and mischievous teenagers. Sadly, many homeowners do not heed this advice, and they do not take steps to protect their possessions and family. Here are five myths about home security in Indianapolis. Not Me Many feel that a criminal [...]

Provider of Home Security in Indianapolis Explains Summer’s Sizzling Crime Rates

Jul 23 2013

Summer is traditionally a time of vacation, fun, outdoor activities and leisure time. The weather is agreeable, the parks are full and people are stepping out to enjoy the sunshine and camaraderie of others. Unfortunately, it is also a time when crime rates skyrocket due to incidents of robbery, burglary, trespassing and assaults. People can [...]

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